Design Studio: Drum Sander

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About This Machine

Jet – JOSS-S (Download Manual)

  • ¼” -4” diameter inter-changeable spindles
  • 75 oscillations per minute
  • 1.5” oscillation length
  • 1720 RPM
  • 1 HP
drum sander

How to Use

Used for reducing corners, edges and creating softer, more organic shapes. Be aware, can remove significant amounts of raw material quickly.

IMPORTANT: Best for adjusting a shape, to create smoother curves, NOT for creating a shape from a rectilinear form. For example: use a band saw to remove corners from a square block, before shaping it into a circle or curve on a sander.

NOTE: No Metal is to be machined on this equipment!

Please use the Student Machine Shop next door for ALL metal machining needs.

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