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Mechanical Engineering Graduate Programs

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers the following graduate programs:

While most incoming graduate students have a degree in mechanical engineering or other closely related fields, our graduate programs are also suitable for students with degrees in such areas as physics or mathematics.

For more information about our graduate programs check the official program policy statement.

Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering

The Ph.D. program in Mechanical Engineering consists of 33 credits of graduate level course work plus 9 credits of Doctoral Dissertation. The Ph.D. program is designed to allow for considerable flexibility in course selection and specialization of study. Course work must be completed with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher (see Graduate Catalog for relevant details). In addition, the student must pass the Qualifying Examination, Candidacy Examination and fulfill the teaching requirement prior to completing the dissertation requirements. The Ph.D. should be obtainable in four years of full-time study after entering the program.

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

The Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME) program is available 100% online, 100% on campus, or a hybrid of both formats. All formats are offered at the same low tuition rate and utilize the same world renowned faculty.

Master of Science in Robotics

By emphasizing both theory and practice, the Master of Science in Robotics program is designed to meet the needs of professionals seeking advanced training as well as scholars who want to explore robotics through structured, guided instruction. Graduates of the MSR program will understand the fundamentals of robotics and be prepared to develop and deploy robotic devices.

Graduate Certificates

The University of Delaware, home to a Manufacturing USA Institute, is a leader in composite materials. Our world-renowned Center for Composite Materials collaborates with industrial partners to present the latest in composite manufacturing education. Our industry-aligned Graduate Certificate in Composite Manufacturing & Engineering, a 9-credit graduate certificate, is available in person or 100% online. Click here for tuition rates. All formats are offered at the same low tuition rate and utilize the same world-renowned faculty. In addition, these courses function as “dual credit” with the master’s degree in mechanical engineering, functioning as electives for that program should you decide to continue your education further. 

To successfully participate in certificate programs, one should hold a bachelor’s degree in engineering or the sciences, thereby ensuring knowledge in engineering mathematics and mechanics. 

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Core Research Areas

Biomechanical Engineering

Be a leader in solving biomechanical problems. The human body is a mechanical system that contains fluid flow, structural mechanics and evolving components—all central concepts in mechanical engineering.

Clean Energy

Develop new, clean and sustainable energy sources through novel energy conversion techniques, alternative energy storage methods and fuel-efficient vehicles, among other traditional methods of energy conversion.

Clean Environment

Reduce pollution through understanding transport and transformation of pollutants using mechanical engineering fundamentals such as fluid mechanics.

Composite Materials

Understand how materials respond, then use this information to optimally design everything from airplanes to artificial joint replacements using composite and advanced materials, nanotechnology and creative ingenuity.


The emergence of nanotechnology, which deals with the manipulation of materials at the atomic and molecular scales, has enabled the development of new materials and devices that exhibit novel properties.

Robotics & Control

Construct sophisticated robotic devices that, via advanced control systems, help humans in a multitude of situations, such as manufacturing plants, rescue squads, military operations and rehabilitation devices.

Accelerated Joint BS/MS Degree Programs (4+1)

Earn more. Choose one of our 4+1 programs and earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in as little as five years. The accelerated degree programs allow students to apply for graduate programs during their junior year. If granted provisional acceptance, you may take graduate-level courses during the final year of your undergraduate program. Because some undergraduate courses are waived under an accelerated degree program, you’ll be able to complete both the undergraduate and graduate degrees in only one additional year.


  • Mechanical Engineering 4+1 (BME/MSME)
  • Mechanical Engineering/Business Administration 4+1 (BME/MBA)
  • Mechanical Engineering/Computer Science 4+1 (BME/MS)
  • Mechanical Engineering/Data Science 4+1 (BME/MS)
  • Mechanical Engineering/Materials Science and Engineering 4+1 (BME/MMSE)
  • Mechanical Engineering/Robotics 4+1 (BME/MS)
  • Mechanical Engineering/Secondary STEM Education 4+1 (BME/MS)

Learn more about these programs on our 4+1 page.

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