Research Overview

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Delaware has a cutting-edge research program. Exploring nearly every aspect of modern mechanical engineering, our faculty and students are making bold steps towards new technologies and better solutions to contemporary problems. With an annual budget of over $4 million dollars, we constantly strive to expand our knowledge of the world around us.

The University of Delaware is advancing leading-edge research that solves mysteries, tackles problems, and invents new technologies – all aimed at enhancing our quality of life. We have distinguished faculty, capable staff, and outstanding students, supported by state-of-the-art facilities. Join us as we explore the latest frontiers in science and engineering.

Core Research Areas

Biomechanical Engineering

Be a leader in solving biomechanical problems. The human body is a mechanical system that contains fluid flow, structural mechanics and evolving components—all central concepts in mechanical engineering.

Clean Energy

Develop new, clean and sustainable energy sources through novel energy conversion techniques, alternative energy storage methods and fuel-efficient vehicles, among other traditional methods of energy conversion.

Clean Environment

Reduce pollution through understanding transport and transformation of pollutants using mechanical engineering fundamentals such as fluid mechanics.

Composite Materials

Understand how materials respond, then use this information to optimally design everything from airplanes to artificial joint replacements using composite and advanced materials, nanotechnology and creative ingenuity.


The emergence of nanotechnology, which deals with the manipulation of materials at the atomic and molecular scales, has enabled the development of new materials and devices that exhibit novel properties.

Robotics & Control

Construct sophisticated robotic devices that, via advanced control systems, help humans in a multitude of situations, such as manufacturing plants, rescue squads, military operations and rehabilitation devices.

ResearchResearch Overview