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Adjunct   |   Joint Faculty   |   Secondary   |   Affiliated   |   Emeritus

Faculty Name / Title Office Phone/Email
Suresh Advani
George W. Laird Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Associate Director, Center for Composite Materials
226 Spencer Lab 302-831-8975
Panagiotis Artemiadis
Associate Professor
331 Spencer Lab (302) 831-8546
Dennis Assanis
104 Hullihen Hall 302-831-2111
Thomas Buchanan
Director, Delaware Rehabilitation Institute
Laird Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Professor of Biomechanics & Movement Science
201B Spencer Lab/STAR 302-831-2410
Jenni Buckley
Associate Professor
106 Spencer Lab 302-831-3460
David Burris
Associate Professor
204 Spencer Lab 302-831-2006
Tsu-Wei Chou
Unidel Pierre S. du Pont Chair
102D Spencer Lab 302-831-1550
Sambeeta ‘Sam’ Das
Assistant Professor
330 Spencer Lab 302-831-0149
Heather Doty
Associate Professor
105 Spencer Lab 302-831-2799
Joseph Feser
Associate Professor
329 Spencer Lab 302-831-8049
Kun (Kelvin) Fu
Assistant Professor
225 Spencer Lab 302-831-2008
John Gillespie Jr.
201 Composites Manufacturing Science Laboratory 302-831-8702
James Glancey
315 Spencer Lab 302-831-0712
Jill Higginson
201B Spencer Lab/STAR 302-831-6622
M. Zubaer Hossain
Assistant Professor
229 Spencer Lab 302-831-0900
Guoquan Huang
Associate Professor
208 Spencer Lab 302-831-8796
Joseph Kuehl
Associate Professor
210 Spencer Lab 302-831-2150
X. Lucas Lu
Associate Professor
201A Spencer Lab 302-831-3581
Andreas Malikopoulos
Terri Connor Kelly and John Kelly Career Development Associate Professor
Director, Sociotechnical Systems Center (SSC)
222 Spencer Lab 302-831-2889
Ioannis Poulakakis
Associate Professor
205 Spencer Lab 302-831-3563
Ajay Prasad
Engineering Alumni Distinguished Professor
and Department Chair
126 Spencer Lab 302-831-2960
R. Valery Roy
Associate Professor
332 Spencer Lab 302-831-1019
Michael Santare
201C Spencer Lab 302-831-2246
Herbert Tanner
228 Spencer Lab 302-831-6888
Erik Thostenson
Associate Professor
223 Spencer Lab 302-831-8789
Tyler Van Buren
Assistant Professor
313 Spencer Lab
Liyun (Leann) Wang
201D Spencer Lab 302-831-2659
Bingqing Wei (B. Q. Wei)
312 Spencer Lab 302-831-6438
Adam Wickenheiser
Associate Professor
110 Spencer Lab 302-831-8143
Pierre Yao
Assistant Professor
334 Spencer Lab 302-831-6437


Name Office Phone/Email
William Fagerstrom 313 Spencer Lab 302-831-1654
Dyer Harris 330 Spencer Lab 302-831-0149
Steve Timmins Instructional Technology / User Services 302-831-3257


Name Title Department Email
Randall Duncan Professor Biological Sciences
Dawn Elliot Professor Biomedical Engineering
Pablo Huq Associate Professor School of Marine Science & Policy
Christopher Price Assistant Professor Biomedical Engineering
Fabrizio Sergi Assistant Professor Biomedical Engineering
Steven Stanhope Professor KAAP
Joshua Zide Professor Materials Science and Engineering


Name Title Affiliation Email
Bazle (Gama) Haque Senior Scientist Center for Composite Materials
Pavel Simacek Research Associate III Center for Composite Materials


Name Title Affiliation
Travis Bogetti Research Engineer U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Nate Cloud Affiliated Faculty 313 Spencer Lab
William Dunfee Engineer Siemens
Edward Gargiulo Principal Engineer Siemens
George Gazonas Senior Scientist Weapons & Materials Research Directorate U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Wojciech Grabowski Senior Scientist National Center for Atmospheric Research
Joshua Hertz Associate Professor Northeastern University
Anette Karlsson Dean of Engineering Washkewicz College of Engineering Cleveland State University
Jeremi Leasure Director The Taylor Collaboration
David McKee Retired DuPont Company
Freeman Miller Co-director Cerebral Palsy Program Pediatric Orthopaedics A.I. duPont Institute
Brian Powers Mechanical Engineer Army Research Laboratory
Dustyn Roberts Assistant Professor Temple University
Eric Wetzel Research Scientist U.S. Army Research Laboratory


Name Title Office Phone/Email
Michael Greenberg

Professor Emeritus 108 Spencer Lab 302-831-8159
John Meakin

Professor Emeritus 126 Spencer Lab 302-831-2421
Andras Szeri

Robert L. Spencer Professor Emeritus 302-831-2421
Jack Vinson

H. Fletcher Brown Professor Emeritus 310 Spencer Lab 302-831-2421
People Faculty