Design Studio: Instru-met Load Frame

Quick Start

  • TA assistance is required for usage
  • Orange badge training required
  • Useful for static tension and compression testing of materials or structures.
  • Test Lab TA Office Hours

About This Machine

The Instru-Met static test frame offers a simple method for testing samples in tension or compression with up to 10,000 lbs of force.

  • Maximum force: 5000 lbf and 10000 lbf, depending on the load cell attached
  • Modular fixturing available to test most samples, both material and structural, in both tension and compression
  • Available fixtures include tension grips, compression platens, and 3 and 4-point bend fixtures. Some custom set-ups may be accommodated but require advanced planning.Outputs data sets for further analyzation and processing

How to Use

Use of this machine is restricted to working with a Test Lab TA. Students will be able to design, set up, and execute their own test methodologies under the supervision of a TA.

Instru-Met Load Frame

Need Additional Help?

Contact a Test Lab TA for more information.

Maclaren Blow, TA

Jessica Coto, TA

Jacob Munoz, TA

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