Graduate Certificate in Composites Manufacturing & Engineering

Design rules for composite materials are fundamentally different than for traditional materials, with the engineer tailoring the material structure at the micro- and nano-scales to achieve the desired mechanical and physical properties. This program is comprised of three (3) graduate courses chosen from those listed below. By choosing the online course options, the entire certificate can be earned online. The program is intended to provide the practicing engineer a strong foundation in the processing-structure-property relations in advanced fiber composites. The University of Delaware’s Center for Composite Materials and Department of Mechanical Engineering are internationally recognized as leaders in composites research and education.

MEEG617 – Composite Materials, taught by Dr. Erik Thostenson, discusses fiber and matrix materials; fiber-matrix interface; polymer, metal, ceramic and carbon matrix composites; geometric aspects, elastic properties, lamination theory, strength of unidirectional composites, strength of laminates, durability, hybrid composites, flexible composites and textile structural composites. ONLINE.

MEEG655 – Principles of Composites Manufacturing (3 credits), taught by Dr. Suresh G. Advani, introduces the fundamental principles involved in composites manufacturing. Modeling of such processes is emphasized with applications of injection molding, compression molding, filament wiring, pultrusion and resin transfer molding. ONLINE.

MEEG656 – Practical Composites Manufacturing (3 credits).  Couples lectures with hands-on exercises using CCM’s Composites Design Software (CDS).  Detailed videos and lecture materials showing all aspects of composite manufacturing, from performing to final manufacturing and finishing, connect theory to practice.

MEEG657 – Experimental Characterization of Composites for Manufacturing(3 credits).  Explains key concepts and elements of composites manufacturing processes, technologies and systems. An online-only course where lectures are coupled with detailed videos of manufacturing processes and exercises with simulation software to connect theory to practice.  Creation of a “virtual laboratory” for composites characterization where thermoplastic and thermoset composite systems are fully characterized using advanced thermal analysis and mechanical/physical characterization techniques emphasizing manufacturing influences on composite properties. ONLINE.

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