Composite Materials

Composites and advanced materials research within the department covers broad areas encompassing advanced materials for fuel cell applications, nanomaterials and their integration in multifunctional composites, and virtual simulations of manufacturing processes.

Composite Materials

Areas of Expertise

  • Stronger, more durable composite membranes for fuel cell hybrid vehicles and stationary power production
  • Modeling and simulation for virtual composite manufacturing and process optimization for large-scale structures
  • Multi-scale modeling of composite structure and performance (e.g., airplane fuselages, automotive hoods)
  • Multifunctional composites for damage detection and structural health monitoring (e.g., pressurized tanks and bridges)

Affiliated Research Centers

Key Faculty

Spotlight on Research

Novel Sensors Could Enable Smarter Textiles

Next-generation smart textiles with the ability to measure a wide range of pressure are being created by a team of engineers at the Delaware.

Mechanical engineers share composites expertise

The University of Delaware’s Tsu-Wei Chou and Suresh Advani gave talks at the 18th European Conference on Composite Materials.

UD’s Jack Gillespie Honored by Society of Plastics Engineers

Gillespie is director of UD’s world-renowned Center for Composite Materials The University of Delaware’s John W. (Jack) Gillespie Jr. has been named...

Tsu-Wei Chou Takes Center Stage

At international conference, the UD mechanical engineering professor gave key lecture In the field of composite materials, Tsu-Wei Chou is an icon....

Reducing Radiation

Paper reports successful use of nanocomposites to absorb electromagnetic radiation The rapid development of modern electronic equipment and wireless...
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