Design Studio: The Junior Design Room

Quick Start

  • Room 103 Spencer Lab
  • Orange Badge Training Required
  • Dedicated space to work on Junior Design Projects
  • Hours: 24/7 access

About This Space

The Junior Design Room is a workplace dedicated to mechanical engineering students working on the Junior Design Project. In this room, teams collaborate to design, build, iterate, and finalize their prototypes. Stocked with a combination of mechanical and electrical components, students can take their designs from being manually powered at first to later being fully automated by motors and sensors. Each Junior Design team has dedicated storage space in this room to house their prototypes and their own set of tools. The space is also equipped with communal supplies such as soldering equipment, mechanical fasteners, and electrical components that are specifically stocked for Junior Design Project use.

Equipment & Supplies

Need Additional Help?

Contact a Junior Design TA for more information.

Tyler Meyer

Dani Moore
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