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Design Studio: Laser Cutter

Quick Start

  • All files must be .dwg, .svg or .img format. Submit files for printing (link to instructions below)
  • Laser cut parts must be for a class or research project
  • Usable via requests through a TA only
  • Fab Lab Office Hours

About This Machine

This free-standing, single platform laser can cut a variety of materials to produce precise parts quickly to allow for rapid prototyping and design iterations.

  • All files must be .dwg, .svg or .img format
  • Laser Material Processing Area (W x H)‎: ‎24” x 18” *
  • Maximum thickness is 0.25
  • Full list of acceptable materials to cut ***PVC IS NEVER ALLOWED***

How to Use

Want something laser cut? Fill our the Laser Cutter request form and email your parts as .dwg, .svg, or .img files to

Want to make laser-cuttable graphics from a Solidworks model? Follow this Instructable.

Need Additional Help?

Contact a Fab Lab TA for more information.

Melody Cerro
Mackenzie Steele
Austin Weigel
Jaeah Yoo

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