Robotics & Controls

Among the main motivations for designing, controlling and deploying robots is to replace humans in “dull, dirty and dangerous” jobs.

Areas of Expertise

  • Robotic navigation and mapping for exploration and intelligence gathering
  • Human-assistive technologies for the visually or mobility-impaired
  • Robotic networks for cooperative active sensing in environmental monitoring and intelligent transportation
  • New bio-inspired mobile robotic designs and control algorithms for emergency response and defense

Key Faculty

Spotlight on Research

Robotic Masters

UD students conduct research with robot boats for industry partner.

Robots On The Farm

Engineers and plant scientists team up to optimize corn growth

Malikopoulos Lab Featured on NBC Philadelphia

The Mini Town in Delaware Where the Future Is Being Tested

Recognition for Robotics Expert

Herbert Tanner named Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Transport in UD’s Scaled Smart City

Student helps tackle traffic challenges for autonomous vehicles

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