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About This Machine

Forest Scientific FabBot Platform Series CNC Router

This free-standing, fully enclosed CNC Router can cut a variety of materials in 2.5D & 3D, to produce precise parts quickly to allow for rapid prototyping and design iterations.

  • All files must be .PDF, .STL, .CRV, .NC (GCODE)
  • Max working size is 48” x 48” x 6” thick
  • All 3D parts must be saved as .STL format
  • Materials to cut include: plywood, wood, plastic sheet & dense foam
  • *NO METAL – under no circumstances should there be any metal in the cutting field.

How to Use

Want something CNC Router cut?

Fill out CNC Router Request form and follow the instructions to submit your files.

NOTE: Please be sure to show up to your appointment 5 minutes early and have your materials ready.

Need Additional Help?

Contact a Pit TA for more information.

Sydney Pryzywara, Lead TA

Angel Casanova, TA

Jacob Flenner, TA

Jensen Gaither, TA

Vea Hernandez, TA

Dylan Jorgensen, TA

Alex Kramer, TA

Caylin Payne, TA

Thomas Schaeffer, TA

Zach Thé, TA

Bryan Tiamson, TA

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