Biomechanical Engineering

As a field, biomechanical engineering integrates engineering design and problem-solving strategies with medicine and the biological sciences to help improve human health and quality of life.

Research within the department applies engineering principles and techniques to the human body and medical field.

Areas of Expertise

  • Cartilage biomechanics for osteoarthritis
  • Cell mechanobiology for osteoporosis treatment and prevention
  • Musculoskeletal modeling and simulation for healthy and impaired movement
  • Neuromuscular control for stroke patients
  • Sports medicine

Affiliated Research Centers

Key Faculty

Spotlight on Research

Measuring Blood Damage

UD engineer uses mechanical resistance to detect damage to red blood cells.

Rehabilitating Knees

Buchanan Lab uses engineering science to improve rehabilitation.

Achieving a Balance of Power

UD research team solves mathematical discrepancy in biomechanics.

Student Named 2018 Cross Scholar

The award recognizes future leaders of higher education Anahid Ebrahimi, a doctoral candidate in mechanical engineering at the University of...

New Leader of Center for Biomechanical Engineering Research

Mechanical engineering Professor Liyun Wang is the sixth director of UD’s CBER Liyun Wang, a professor of mechanical engineering, has been named...
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