Design Studio: Belt/Disc Sander

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About These Machines

Jet – JSG-6DC (Download Manual)

  • 48” long x 6” wide belt
  • 12” diameter disc
  • 1.5 HP
  • Combination sanding machine 2500 Ft./min belt speed

Rockford SB-611P

  • 48” long x 6” wide belt
  • 10” diameter disc
  • 1HP
  • Combination sanding machine 1650 Ft./min belt speed

How to Use

Used for reducing corners, edges and creating softer, more organic shapes. Be aware, can remove significant amounts of raw material quickly.

IMPORTANT: Best for adjusting a shape, to create smoother curves, NOT for creating a shape from a rectilinear form. For example: use a band saw to remove corners from a square block, before shaping it into a circle or curve on a sander.

NOTE: No Metal is to be machined on this equipment! Please use the Student Machine Shop next door for ALL metal machining needs.


Please check out the safety video for the Belt Sander.

Need Additional Help?

Contact a Pit TA for more information.

Vea Hernandez, General Manager

Caylin Payne, Lead TA

Franklin Alas, TA

Angel Casanova, TA

Ryan Cole, TA

Lauren DeSantis, TA

Luke Dosen, TA

Aidan Fleischhacker, TA

Jiro Guillen, TA

Dylan Jorgensen, TA

Sibyl Roosen, TA

Thomas Schaeffer, TA

Jenna Taylor, TA

Bryan Tiamson, TA

Jacob Flenner, Technical Lead TA

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