Design Studio: Drill Press

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About This Machine

Powermatic – 1150HD (Download Manual)

  • 0” – ½” capacity chuck
  • 6” Spindle travel
  • 1HP
  • Electronic variable speed model
    • Low Range 150-700 RPM
    • Med Range 400-1600 RPM
    • Hi Range 1050-4200 RPM

Jet – J-2550 (Download Manual)

  • 0” – ½” capacity chuck
  • 4 3/4” Spindle travel
  • 1HP
  • Speed range 150-4200 RPM

How to Use

Used for drilling holes, in a variety of sizes, in raw material. Material must be held firmly and should be clamped whenever possible.

NOTE: No Metal is to be machined on this equipment!

Please use the Student Machine Shop next door for ALL metal machining needs.


Please check out the safety video for the Drill Press.

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