Design Studio: The Pit

The Fab Lab

Quick Start

  • Room 134 Spencer Lab
  • Orange Badge Training Required
  • Carpentry shop & general assembly space
  • Hours: Daily, 6:00am – 11:59pm
  • Pit TA Office hours

About This Space

The Pit is the main workroom for prototype assembly and non-precision machining. The space is equipped with hand and power tools for prototyping in plastic and wood, and it is well stocked with raw materials, hardware, and found components. The space is accessible to all students who have completed orange badge training. Some equipment requires TA consent before usage but is otherwise open for students to use freely. Students can also enjoy having access to all equipment in the lab for personal projects, but are asked to supply their own material.

Equipment & Supplies

The Pit also maintains a stockroom with a good selection of wood and wide variety of components ranging from castors to springs to hydraulic tubing and everything in between!

Need Additional Help?

Contact a Pit TA for more information. If you need additional Office Hours, email a TA to schedule an appointment.

Sydney Pryzywara
Lead TA

Angel Casanova

Jacob Flenner

Jensen Gaither

Vea Hernandez

Dylan Jorgensen

Alex Kramer

Caylin Payne

Thomas Schaeffer

Zach Thé

Bryan Tiamson

Pit TA Office Hours

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