Faculty Awards

National Early Career Awards

1990Buchanan, T.S.NIH First Independent Research Support and Transition Award
2005Tanner, H.G.NSF Faculty Early Career Development Award
2009Thostenson, E.T.AFOSR Young Investigator Award
2010Burris, D.L.AFOSR Young Investigator Award
2013Thostenson, E.T.NSF Faculty Early Career Development Award

Professional Society Honors


1981Vinson, J.R.ASME Centennial Award
1998Vinson, J.R.ASC Technomic Award
1998Chou, T.W.ACS Outstanding Research Award
1996Chou, T.W.ASME Charles Russ Richards Memorial Award
2002Chou, T.W.ASME Worcester Reed Warner Medal
2004Thostenson, E.T.JSCM Hayashi Memorial International Award
2006Szeri, A.Z.STLE International Award
2007Thostenson, E.T.ASC Elsevier Young Composite Researcher Award
2007Vinson, J.R.ASC Outstanding Research Award
2008Burris, D.L.ASME Marshall B. Peterson Award
2009Burris, D.L.STLE Walter D. Hodson Award
2010Burris, D.L.ASME Pi Tau Sigma Gold Medal
2013Chou, T.W.ASME Nadai Medal


1988Szeri, A.Z. ASME
1992Vinson, J.R.AIAA
1992Vinson, J.R.ASME
1998Chou, T.W.ASME
1999Chou, T.W.ASM
1999Advani, S.G.ASME
2000Vinson, J.R.ASC
2001Chou, T.W.ASC
2002Chou, T.W.ACS
2004Buchanan, T.S.ASME
2005Chou, T.W.AIAA
2006Keefe, M.ASME
2007Prasad, A.K.ASME
2008Santare, M.H.ASME
2008Chou, T.W.TMS
2011Chou, T.W.ICCM
2011 Wang, L. P. APS

Major University of Delaware Honors


1998Wang, L.P.Francis Alison Young Scholars Award
2001Chou, T.W.Francis Alison Award


1977Greenberg, M.D.Excellence in Teaching Award
1987Greenburg, M.D.Excellence in Teaching Award
1996Wang, L.P.Outstanding Teaching Award
1998Prasad, A.K.Excellence in Teaching Award
2005Greenberg, M.D.Excellence in Teaching Award


1995Glancey, J.L.Excellence in Advising Award
2008Advani, S.G.Outstanding Doctoral Graduate Student Advising and Mentoring Award
2013Buckley, J.M.Excellence in advising and mentoring award

Named Chairs

1979Vinson, J.R.H. Fletcher Brown Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
1989-2002Chou, T.W.Jerzy L. Nowinski Professor of Mechanical Engineering
2003Chou, T.W.Pierre S. DuPont Professor of Engineering
2006Advani, S.G.George W. Laird Professor of Mechanical Engineering
2009Buchanan, T.S.George W. Laird Professor of Mechanical Engineering
2013Prasad, A.K.Alumni Distinguished Professor


2008Buchanan, T.S.E.A. Trabant Award for Women's Equity
2010Chou, T.W.Medal of Excellence in Composite Materials

Other Major Honors

2001Santare, M.H.Fulbright Distinguished Chair Award
2011Chou, T.W.Top 100 Materials Scientist: Thomas Reuters
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