Undergraduate Program

Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest engineering disciplines, extending across many interdependent specialties. Mechanical engineers enjoy a wide range of opportunities, working in industries and applications including aerospace, air pollution, automotive, and air-conditioning as well as bioengineering, controls, design, and manufacturing – just to name a few. The ME department at UD offers both value and quality education. The department is small enough to facilitate direct contact between faculty and undergraduate students yet large enough to offer a diverse range of options to meet students’ needs. Undergraduate Program Overview >>

Why Major in Mechanical Engineering?

  • Global awareness
  • Creative solutions
  • Connect science to reality
  • Impact safety
  • Sustainable energy
  • Improve human health
  • National security

Graduate Programs

Global, green, and engaged. Our job is not finished until our ideas, our expertise and our people make a real and significant difference in the world. Join us in multidisciplinary research focusing on the most compelling scientific and technical challenges of our age. The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers four graduate programs; the Ph.D., a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (thesis or non-thesis), a Graduate Certificate in Composites Manufacturing and Engineering, and a Graduate Certificate in Composite Materials. While most incoming graduate students have a degree in mechanical engineering or other closely related fields, our graduate programs are also suitable for students with degrees in such areas as physics or mathematics. Graduate Programs Overview >>

Recent News

Fighting Fires

Three UD students share their experiences as volunteer firefighters One fall afternoon, a handful of volunteer firefighters were scattered around Aetna Hose Hook and Ladder Company Station 9. University of Delaware students Olivia Alexander, Matthew Heebner and Conor...

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Examining 2D Materials, Atom by Atom

Engineers uncover strength, toughness of hexagonal boron nitride From smartphones that bend to solar panels that wrap around houses, flexible electronics could make consumers very happy. But first, someone has to figure out how to make them. One important question is...

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Robots On The Farm

Engineers and plant scientists team up to optimize corn growth Each new technological advancement in agriculture, from tractors to tillage techniques, has allowed farmers to plant and harvest more food in less time. Today’s era of agricultural innovation is precision...

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Students took first place in a national design competition for SimuCath, a device used in Healthcare Theatre. Find out more about our undergraduate program.