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The required coursework in mechanical engineering establishes the fundamental knowledge required of mechanical engineers in engineering science and applied mathematics. With a solid technical foundation students are exposed to the breadth of mechanical engineering in areas of solid mechanics, dynamics, materials, fluid mechanics, thermal sciences and engineering design. For information on these courses please consult the course/class information. Also included below are links to the accreditation-standard Course Syllabi from the most recent review cycle - to be used as a general reference for the course requirements.

Additional Undergraduate Required Courses for Curriculum effective with Fall 2017 Entering Class

  • MEEG 104 - Analysis and Communication of Technical Information
  • 2 Credits - Accurate analysis of data and effective communication of results are prerequisites for engineering success. Engineers who cannot analyze data effectively cannot solve emergent challenges, and the best technical engineers are of little use if they cannot convey their ideas to the non-technical decision makers. Examines the basic tools of analysis and best practices of technical communication. Topics include basic statistics, producing quality figures and technical reports.

  • MEEG 102 - Computer-Aided Engineering Design
  • 3 Credits - Replaces previous MEEG202 course.

  • MEEG 210 - Statics
  • 3 Credits - Replaces current MEEG112 course.

  • MEEG 241 - Thermodynamics
  • 3 Credits - Replaces current MEEG341 course.

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