Robotics & Controls

Among the main motivations for designing, controlling and deploying robots is to replace humans in “dull, dirty and dangerous” jobs.

Robotics & Controls

Areas of Expertise

  • Robotic navigation and mapping for exploration and intelligence gathering
  • Human-assistive technologies for the visually or mobility-impaired
  • Robotic networks for cooperative active sensing in environmental monitoring and intelligent transportation
  • New bio-inspired mobile robotic designs and control algorithms for emergency response and defense

Key Faculty

Spotlight on Research

Recognition for Robotics Expert

Bert Tanner, a professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Delaware, was elected an ASME Fellow for his work in robotics and control.

Transport in UD’s Scaled Smart City

Yiming Wan is studying the use of drones in combination with smart or autonomous vehicles to optimize traffic flow.

Which Drone Should You Trust?

UD research team optimizing radiation detection by drone networks.

Engineering’s Malikopoulos Elected ASME Fellow

Fewer than 3 percent of society members earn this status Andreas Malikopoulos, an associate professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering,...

Andreas Malikopoulos on connected and automated vehicles

In two recently established UD labs, Malikopoulos tests fuel-efficient, CAVs Next time you buy a car, what will you look for?  Most people want a...
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