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Joseph Kuehl

Joseph Kuehl

Assistant Professor
210 Spencer Lab
Newark, Delaware 19716
Phone: 302-831-2150

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PhD | Mechanical Engineering and Physical Oceanography, University of Rhode Island
BS | Physics, Michigan Technological University


Joseph Kuehl is an Assistant Professor at the University of Delaware in the Mechanical Engineering Department. He holds Ph.D.s in Mechanical Engineering and Physical Oceanography from the University of Rhode Island and Graduate School of Oceanography (2009) and received a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Michigan Technological University in 2004. In 2009, he accepted a postdoctoral position at Texas A&M University in the Aerospace Engineering department, as part of the National Center for Hypersonic Laminar-Turbulent Transition Research, focusing on development of a nonlinear parabolized stability equations code (JoKHeR) to study hypersonic boundary-layer laminar-turbulent transition. In 2012, he joined the Geochemical and Environmental Research Group (GERG) at Texas A&M University as a Research Scientist studying the dynamics of the Gulf of Mexico and the Deepwater Horizon Oil spill as part of the Gulf Integrated Spill Research (GISR) consortia. In 2014, he joined the Mechanical Engineering Department at Baylor University as an Assistant Professor, before moving to the University of Delaware in 2017.

His research interests include hypersonic boundary-layer stability (numerical laminar-turbulent transition), nonlinear vibrations (time series analysis, modal decomposition techniques and finite time invariant manifold analysis) and geophysical fluid dynamics (gap-leaping boundary currents, geophysical boundary layer dynamics and transport phenomena). He was the recipient of the AFOSR Young Investigator Award (2015) for his hypersonic boundary layer stability and transition research, is member of the National Academy of Science Committee on Advancing Understanding of the Gulf of Mexico Loop Current Dynamics as well as a member of the NATO STO AVT-240 working group on Hypersonic Boundary-Layer Prediction.


  • Biomechanical Engineering
  • Clean Energy & Environment


  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Biomechanics
  • Dynamics & Control Theory
  • Fluid Mechanics


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