Design Studio: The Matrix

Quick Start

  • Room 131B Spencer Lab
  • No Badge Training Required
  • A combination electronics shop and collaboration space
  • Hours: 24/7 access
  • Matrix TA Office hours

About This Space

The Matrix truly is a multipurpose space at its finest housing an electronics shop, prototype fabrication materials, and a collaborative lounge. Outfitted with an accessible electronics shop, students of any skill level can tackle an electrical project with TAs there to help with questions and techniques. The shop is well equipped with all of the right parts for the job such as Arduino components, Raspberry Pi boards, SparkFun Inventor kits, solder stations, and is fully stocked with electronics parts. The workspace in this room is dedicated to adding finesse to prototypes and bringing designs to life through electronics. Tools and supplies in this room are available for everyone to use without restriction. Opposite to the finishing area, the lounge is set up with plenty of armchairs and couches to create a comfortable space for students to work in teams or relax between classes.

Equipment & Supplies

Need Additional Help?

Contact a Matrix TA for more information.

Vea Hernandez
General Manager

Anthony Jiang
Lead TA

Aidan Fleischhacker

Jensen Gaither

Ethan Kacmarcik
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