Department Help Directory

Job FunctionNameOfficePhone
Academic records and formsAmy Adams126 Spencer302-831-6975
Administrative/Department OverviewAnn Connor126 Spencer302-831-1574
AmbulanceCampus Emergency911
Biweekly payrollLisa Katzmire126 Spencer302-831-2423
Building problemsRoger Stahl335 Spencer302-831-8455
Bulletin board postingsLita Toto126 Spencer302-831-2421
Camera, Laptop, ProjectorLita Toto126 Spencer302-831-2421
Campus SecurityEmergency911
Campus SecurityNon Emergency302-831-2222
Center for Biomechanical Engineering ResearchElaine Nelson201C Spencer302-831-4463
Class rostersAmy Adams126 Spencer302-831-6975
Class scheduleAmy Adams126 Spencer302-831-6975
Conference room scheduling - SPL 123 and 126Lita Toto & Amy Adams126 Spencer302-831-2421
CopiersLita Toto126 Spencer302-831-2421
Email: new accountsLisa Katzmire126 Spencer302-831-2423
Emergency situationsCampus Security911
Equipment repair - machinesRoger Stahl335 Spencer302-831-8455
Grade roster coordinationAmy Adams126 Spencer302-831-6975
Graduate student/visitor photo boardLisa Katzmire126 Spencer302-831-2423
Graduate students Lisa Katzmire126 Spencer302-831-2423
KeysLita Toto126 Spencer302-831-2421
Laboratory coordinatorRoger Stahl335 Spencer302-831-8455
Lost and foundLita Toto126 Spencer302-831-2421
Mail - Campus MailLita Toto126 Spencer302-831-2421
Mail, Airborne Express, Fed Ex, UPSLita Toto126 Spencer302-831-2421
Payroll questionsLisa Katzmire126 Spencer302-831-2423
Personnel issuesAnn Connor126 Spencer302-831-1574
Prospective graduate student inquiriesLisa Katzmire126 Spencer302-831-2423
Purchasing cardAnn Connor126 Spencer302-831-1574
Purchasing questionsAnn Connor126 Spencer302-831-1574
Reimbursement requestAnn Connor126 Spencer302-831-1574
Safety training / concernsRoger Stahl110 Spencer302-831-8455
Seminars - DepartmentalAmy Adams126 Spencer302-831-6975
Service calls for building problemsRoger Stahl110 Spencer302-831-8455
ShopSteve Beard104 Spencer302-831-2817
Student Health ServicesLaurel Hall302-831-2226
Supplies (Office)Lita Toto126 Spencer302-831-2421
Teaching scheduleAmy Adams126 Spencer302-831-6975
Telephone listLisa Katzmire126 Spencer302-831-2423
TelephonesAmy Adams126 Spencer302-831-6975
Textbook orders / reservesLita Toto126 Spencer302-831-2421
Thesis shelving/check-outLita Toto126 Spencer302-831-6975
Travel/cash advanceAnn Connor126 Spencer302-831-1574
Undergraduate ProgramAmy Adams126 Spencer302-831-6975
Visa form/questionsForeign Student Services226 Hullihen Hall302-831-2115
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