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Minors and Concentrations

A minor or a concentration is a cohesive set of courses in a sub-specialty that differs from one's major. Minors normally require completion of five to seven courses in the subject area, and can be awarded to students from different majors. Students may double-count courses for credit against both majors and minors. If electives are chosen carefully, minors can often be integrated into the program requirements. Nearly half of all engineering students have at least one minor, many have two or three. Concentrations may only be awarded to students within a specific major; for mechanical-engineering students, the concentrations are achieved through careful selection of courses satisfying the technical elective requirement.

Within the Department of Mechanical Engineering we offer concentrations in Aerospace Engineering and Automotive Engineering. There are many minors offered throughout the University of Delaware and then within the College of Engineering that could be of interest to mechanical engineering students. The two minors specifically housed in mechanical engineering are in biomechanical engineering and integrated design. Please see the appropriate information in the University of Delaware catalog (

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