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Technical electives in the Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering curriculum provide the student with an opportunity to pursue areas of particular interest. Because of the breadth of technical areas in which mechanical engineers work, at least 3 of these credits must be in a basic science. The remaining technical electives demonstrate technical depth and are typically courses at or above the 400 level which are taken after much of the basic engineering science has been mastered and comprise a minimum of 12 credits. Although the majority of the technical depth electives are typically drawn from the Mechanical Engineering department, courses from other departments and colleges can also be selected. Students may always discuss focusing their technical electives with their academic advisor.

Students can choose, typically towards the end of sophomore or early junior year, to pursue the Aerospace Concentration. A student can also choose one of the many minors offered including the Integrated Design minor or the Biomechanical minor that are offered through the Mechanical Engineering department. Students are encouraged to peruse the undergraduate catalog. For those pursuing the degree without a concentration or minor, there are certainly other opportunities to focus the technical electives. One suggestion is to look at the faculty research interests and projects as those often provide opportunities for undergraduate students. The technical elective program can also be structured to meet individual interests and students are encouraged to discuss their educational objectives with their advisor early in the junior year to develop an appropriate selection of technical electives.

The following lists pertain only to courses with permanent course numbers. Because of their very nature, Independent Study (courses with an x66 number) and Experimental Courses (courses with an x67 number) should be discussed and approved by the department before being accepted towards the technical elective requirement.

In general, the following courses are acceptable towards the basic science (biological, chemical or physical sciences) technical elective (as noted) but the list is not exhaustive and other courses can be considered:

BISC 207-699; CHEM 104-699 (except CHEM 105 and CHEM 107); PHYS 300-699.

(note: for students enrolled before Fall 2010, CISC181-699 (except CISC355) can also be used.)

In general, the following courses are acceptable for technical elective depth (as noted), but the list is not exhaustive and other courses can be considered through the academic advisor:

APEC 408; BISC 306, 400-699, BMEG 350, 400-699 (except BMEG450); BREG 444, 456; CHEG 400-699 (except CHEG 595); CHEM 321, 322, 331, 400-699; CIEG 331, 351, 400-699; CISC 260, 400-699; CPEG400-699; ELEG 320, 400-699 (except ELEG 460 and, starting Fall 2017, ELEG 491); GEOL 400-699 (except GEOL 422); MSEG 400-699 (except MSEG 425 and 443); MAST 600-699 (except MAST 673); MATH315, 350, 400-699; MEEG 400-699 (except MEEG 401 and MEEG 402); PHYS 309, 311, 313, 400-699; STAT 400-699; UNIV 401, 402.

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