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Biomechanical Engineering Minor

A biomechanical engineering minor is offered through the Department of Mechanical Engineering. To enroll in this minor program, the student must have permission from the Department of Mechanical Engineering chair, who will assign the student a minor advisor.

To qualify for a Minor in Biomechanical Engineering, students must complete at least 21 credits in accordance with the requirements specified below. Additional courses for satisfying these requirements may be approved by the Department. A minimum grade of C- must be achieved in each course qualifying for the minor.

For inquiries regarding the Biomechanical Engineering Minor, contact the Department Mechanical Engineering at (302) 831-2421 or

Course Requirements: (1) All students must take the following three courses:
BISC 207Introductory Biology I4
BISC 208Introductory Biology II (by advanced placement or transfer credit only)4
MATH 243Analytic Geometry and Calculus C4
PHYS 201Introductory Physics I4
PHYS 207Fundamentals of Physics I4
(2) And one of the following courses:
BISC 306General Physiology3
BISC 401Molecular Biology of the Cell3
KAAP 220 Anatomy and Physiology3
(3) And two of the following courses (Note: These courses may have prerequisites beyond those required for the minor)*:
MEEG 482Clinical Biomechanics3
MEEG 483Orthopaedic Biomechanics3
MEEG 484Biomaterial and Tissue Engineering3
MEEG 485Control of Human Movement3
MEEG 486Cell and Tissue Transport3
MEEG 612Biomechanics of Human Movement3

*Independent study, Senior Research and additional MEEG courses for satisfying this requirement can be approved by a representative from the committee of minor advisors.

For more information please visit the University of Delaware Course Catalog.

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