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Concentration in Aerospace Engineering

Many of our mechanical engineering students pursue our Aerospace Engineering Concentration within their BME degree. Students are required to apply for the concentration and must complete all the requirements for the BME degree. In addition, students are required to complete at least 12 credits (Note: These credits may also be used to satisfy the technical elective requirements for the BME degree) including: MEEG432, Aerodynamics, 3-credits; and then nine other credits from either Independent Study/Senior Research (with faculty approval) or the curriculum choices below:

MEEG 414Analysis of Aircraft Structures3
MEEG 417/617Composite Materials3
MEEG 419Mechanical Behavior of Materials and Structures3
MEEG 423Vibrations3
MEEG 435Wind Power Engineering3
MEEG 451/651Introduction to Microsystems3
MEEG 616Composite Materials Structures3
MEEG 624Control of Dynamic Systems3
MEEG 636Fluid Mechanics Measurements3
MEEG 655Principles of Composite Manufacturing3
CIEG 401Introduction to the Finite Element Method3

For more information please visit the University of Delaware Course Catalog.

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